Used Testers & Equipment

We Buy, Sell & Trade Used Material Testers, Forms & Fixtures

We are constantly in the market for Used Material Testers, Forms & Fixtures: Whether they were made by Schap or even our competitors!

Looking to buy used?

Our list of used equipment changes constantly. Give us a call, or send an email with a description of what item/s you’re looking for and you’ll get a quick reply.

Have something to sell?

Look around your shop. If you have equipment that you no longer need, just send a few photos, description, manufacturer, condition, size, and weight. We’ll then contact you to discuss.

Trade-In opportunities

Machinery is expensive. Especially when it’s not is use. Consider trading in your used equipment for something more relevant to your current needs. Apply the credit toward your next new, used or rental acquisition.

Renting Material Testers, Forms & Fixtures is also a great option, find out why here!





Contact Chad: 616-846-6530 x224