Service, Repairs & Upgrades

We hesitate to say this, it’s become so cliché, but here goes:

Service is our top priority.

Here is how we deliver on that promise. In terms of our overall business, we have 4 distinct priorities:

  1. Warranty – Field Service Requests
  2. New Product Fabrication
  3. New Product Design
  4. New Business

Although all four elements are important, every employee understands that Service takes priority over all else.

When a service call comes in, it is immediately pushed to the top of the list.

If your Schap Tester, Form or Fixture should ever require service, please contact us immediately at 616-846-6530.


In response to our customer’s growing requests, Schap Laboratory Services now offers A2LA Accredited Calibrations for a variety of abrasion and flex testers. To view a list of machines we are A2LA accredited to calibrate please check here.

Mechanical Repairs:

We can certainly repair any Schap Specialty Machine, Inc. built tester, but we frequently repair other brands as well. Please send your request to us along with some pictures and we will be glad to review it with you. Our usual diagnosis is typically one hour each for mechanical and controls, or, about $85 and $120 each respectively.

PC Repairs:

Our experienced controls team can repair or replace your damaged PC, including Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems.

Preventative Maintenance:

We can extend the operating life, accuracy and dependability of your tester with our periodic maintenance program.

Add a Camera System:

If you are looking to add a camera system to your FMVSS or other test equipment, we can design a system to integrate into your tester with a variety of options.

Please contact us and we would be glad to quote a system to meet your needs.

Controls Upgrade:

The improvement in capabilities of the current generation of sensors and controls make an upgrade to your equipment essential.

Schap Specialty Machine has installed controls upgrades on many testers where the upgrades have included new operating systems for the PC, new software, upgraded PID controllers, updated sensors, new load cells and/or signal conditioners, and many other options.


We can help! Call: 616-846-6530