Rental Testers & Equipment

Under certain circumstances, renting material testers, forms & fixtures may make more sense than a purchase.*

Consider renting if you’re looking to

  • Mitigate unnecessary financial risk
  • Overcome temporary budget constraints
  • Ensure confidentiality during product development phase
  • Try before you buy – become familiar with the equipment’s possibilities
  • Temporarily expand testing capacity to relieve brief increases in demand
  • Perform your own tests – no one understands your needs better than you!

We offer a number of workable solutions to meet your needs, whatever they may be, and as far as we know; no other material test equipment manufacturer offers as many paths to move forward.

The bottom line is that all options are on the table.

  • Buy new
  • Finance new
  • Buy used
  • Sell your used equipment to us
  • Trade-In used equipment for a credit (even our competitors’ equipment!)
  • Rent temporarily
  • Rent-to-own

  • All of our Testers, Forms & Fixtures are for rent – if they’re in stock, and they typically are.
  • We maintain the equipment in proper working order for the period of the rental.
  • Rental payments can even be divided into as little as 4 installments per month.
  • Renting material Testers, Forms & Fixtures is an option for businesses within the Continental U.S.

Did we leave anything out? If so, let us know!

*(SCHAP rental products are for rent within the continental US only.)


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